Lodging for Erie TBF Oct 1 & 2


Guy’s I have our normal place booked for this weekend @ Lil Teds.  We have one room which will have 8 beds for Friday and Saturday.

Here is who I have attending:

Scott G

Scott C







I (Scott G) will probably go up Friday am and see if I can pre-fish with a boater that I am drawed with if they decide to pre-fish.  If anyone else is going up early let me know.. Thanks

Clearfork Tournament Canceled for September 18th

Clearfork Canceled

Team we need to reschedule this last tournament for later in October.  We found out yesterday that there is another tournament of around 20-25 boats going on Sunday and there is not enough room at the ramps or lake for all of us..

Will discuss when the new date is at the October meeting..



CBM September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance – Will, Jeff, Brian Kajuan, Terry, James, Jason, Ted, Dave, Matt, Rich, Rob & Scott G.

Scott read out minutes for August

Jeff read out treasurer report $1,328.81

Tournament Director – Fishing Updates – TBF Lake Erie updates – TBF Youth on O’Shea.

Clearfork 09/18 be at ramp at 6:30am Tourney 7am-2pm

  1. Will – Dave
  2. Rod
  3. Al
  4. Damon
  5. Scott G – Bob S
  6. Terry – Kajuan
  7. Bob – Andy
  8. Dan – Jason
  9. Matt
  10. James – Brian
  11. Rich
  12. Rob – Ted

Environmental Projects – Discussion boat wash with youth or begin engineering fish structure.  Still on table.

50/50 $26 Terry Hall – imagine that!!

You Think Things are Tight in the Political Race?

CBM YTD Point Standings

Things have never been this close, but we are tied up going into our last tournament for the year and will get to watch how it plays out with Russell and Presley at Clearfork.


Actually showing a tie for 4th as well.

It will all come down to the results at Clearfork.  Be sure to be there!