Lake Erie Lodging – Club, OBN, TBF


I don’t like to tell you how much lodging is going to be, take your money and find out its actually more. But MOM Said it’s going to cost ya more.

So lodging for OBN weekend I quoted what was on her sheet but it failed to show Tax, Bed Tax and Week End additional charge.  Plus I thought we was going to have Brian with us but he didn’t stay so at next meeting if you can just pay me additional $10 per night.

For the lodging for the Thursday night for our Club tournament I thought Jeff paid that but she actually ended up billing me.  I think it was just 4 of us Jeff, Matt, Bob P and myself which comes to $42.

Now for upcoming TBF for Friday and Saturday night I have the following people staying.

Scott G



Brian ???



Terry ???

I only booked a 8 man room for this event.  With 8 of us we are looking @ $62 total, 7 of us $66 and if we have 9 it could be a little less..

Myself and my two boys are going up Thursday morning so if you want to stay Thursday night there is plenty of room.

Let me know if any names I have listed need to be added or removed.
Scott G.
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