Lake Erie Details

Lake Erie Details

Guy’s we will have two cabins this year at Lil Ted’s Cottage which is before the Mazurik ramp on the left hand side.

Address:  8390 North Shore Blvd.
Marblehead, Ohio 43440

Items you should bring:  Towel/Wash cloth

There if I recall are 8 beds in front cottage and two couches and a couch and five or so in back side.  So there is plenty room on floor as well if needed.  If your getting there late, bring a sleeping bag..

We have had two boats drop out and had to re-draw.

Here is what lineup looks like:

Lake Erie July 30th & 31st Pairings

Rod – Matt

Rob – Brian

Will – Kevin

Jeff – Kajuan

Scott – No Netter – Now has Bob Pharris

Dan – Mike

Bob – Jason – Bob’s boat is in shop

Damon – No Netter Now has Jason

Rich – Andy

James – Ted

Chris – No Netter – Chris is not coming up.

Terry – Dave – Dave is not coming up

Allex – No Netter

So far now we have Terry and Allex both as boaters without partners.

If anyone is coming up Thursday other than Scott, Bob, Matt, Jason let me know..(Scott)

Be safe and will see you on Friday..


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