Cowen Lake Petition

Cowen Lake Petition

Please note there are 5 documents attached to this email.  I put an example of a petition that I signed to help Cowan Lake to become Idle only.  There is a public hearing on 12/29/15 that Al and I will be attending to try to convince Chief Mike Miller at the division of watercraft to consider Cowan Lake going to idle only.  This lake is the link to get other lakes in the state to idle only.  Fisherman have as much right to be on those lakes as sail boats do.  We will not try to say those folks should be limited to be clear.  We just want to say that there is no reason that Bass Fisherman should be limited either.  We need your support in signing this petition.  I need as many as you can get signed and mailed back to me by 12/28/15 as possible.

Please get your members, friends to sign the petition in any color ink other than black.  If you have a color scanner you can email the petitions back to me in Color or mail them to me at 4109 Roland Creek Drive, Cincinnati OH, 45245.  I want to show up with as many signed petitions as I can get to go along with a physical presence.  I think in total we have about 15 people showing up.  If you are free and can come please call me for details.  I would love as much support from our membership as we can get.  So if you can make the hearing I attached that information as well.  I know Columbus will have members there to help out.


Danny Ryan

Guy’s Please do the Needful!

Cowan Lake Public Hearing

Cowan Lake Petition Example

12_13_15_Board Meeting

Cowan Lake Petition

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