Lake Erie Lodging and Pairings

Lake Erie Lodging & Pairings

Guy’s we have Lake Erie trip right in front of us and I know we have several new guys in the club and wanted to let you know a few more details.

The club provides us lodging for Friday and Saturday night.  We will be staying at Lil Ted’s Cottages in Marblehead.


8390 North Shore Blvd.
Marblehead, Ohio 43440

Boat Launch is just minutes away @ Mazurik Access

Boaters make sure your boat is ready for the Big Water.  Check out all your motor mounts, to trolling motor screws tight and ready to go.

If you have never been up there just let me know and will point out some spots and your welcome to follow me out to the islands where most of action takes place.

Just plan on FUN and 3 Fish is our limit this year.

Be Safe, Peace Out..

Lake Erie will be staying at Lil Teds which club pays for Friday and Saturday nights.  This will be a 3 Fish Limit Event due to hot weather and keeping fish alive.  TBD Times but 6-4 and 6-2 on Sunday.

Rob – Dan

Terry – Chad

Al – Chris

Rod – Jeff

Will – Andy

Scott G – Dave

Bob P – Matt

Brian – Ted

Karl – Kayun

James – Will Rector

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