Ohio Bass Federation Pairings Indian Lake

OBF Indian Lake Pairings
1    Art Cribbs                    Randy Dickerson
2    Tony Maxwell              Dave  Sprow
3    Kevin Hull                    Rick Terry
4    Bob Otto                      Todd Harnish
5    Chris Lafranboise        Phill Jones
6    Roger Adams             Jeff Leonard
7    Mike Phares               Tony Barker
8    Bret Love                    Greg Genneburg
9    Roger Bryant              Travis Fleischer
10  Andy Tobe                  Wayne Phillips
11 Terry Hall                    Shawn Johnson
12 Kern McKee                Tyler Holdren
13 Ernie Shuler                Chris Prichett
14 Bob Doughty               Pat Hawkins
15 Bob Farmer                 Bob Stowe
16 Dave Fogel                 Bradley Herr
17 Brian Vogelsang         Ron Hedges
18 Gary Tipps                  Al Davis
19 Rick Driskel                Danny Schmitz
20 Rod Russell               Ron Crabtree
21 Ken Sparks                Matt Bertram
22 Eric Beaty                  Tom Brown
23 Dean Hill                    Steve Hayes
lakeview ramp . registration 5-30 to 6-30   meeting at 6-30  take off after meeting,
Saturday 6-45 to 4-00 pm weigh in Sunday 6-45 to 3-00 pm
If you have any questions call me at 513-515-4299 or e-mail at teamtriton1@aol.com.


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