Boat Maintenance Tip

Columbus Bassmasters would like to provide you with a word from our sponsor CCAP.

Central City Auto Parts now carries a full selection of Bass Boat Saver products to keep your boat looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

boat saver

Application – Spray it on.  Wipe it off.  It’s that simple.  BBS removes road grime, water spots, scum lines and other junk from a boats finish after a day on the water or road.  It leaves behind a slick fresh wax look and a thin coat repels dirt and protects the boats finish against harmful ultraviolet rays.  BBS also gives vinyl seats a deep rich color and keeps plastic and rubber looking new.

Performance – A little bit went a long way.  Used sparingly you will easily be able to wipe down a 21 foot boat, trailer and outboard a half dozen times with a 24 ounce bottle.

Other Uses – BBS can be used to clean tires, wheels, steering wheels, jack plates and other places where dirt and grime are likely to gather.  It also removes coffee and blood stains from carpet, but is not recommended for use on electronic face plates or screens.

Stop by Central City Auto Parts showroom today and pick up a bottle and you make your life easier not only cleaning your boat but keeping it looking new for a long time.


Central City Auto Parts

1930 McKinley Avenue . Columbus, OH 43222

614-276-7722 or 1-800-357-7969

Columbus Bassmasters Team Wins Ohio Bass Nation Club Championship

Grand Lake St. Marys

CBM put three teams in the Ohio Bass Nation Championship at Grand Lake on a two day tournament July 19 and 20th.  This was a first time on the lake for 80 percent of CBM team and most had no pre-fish time on the water other than a short day the weekend before.

CBM had a team in third place at end of the day on Saturday.  Sunday was a foggy day and allowed many to fish some new water with the knowledge that had from the day before which resulted in bringing in several nice bags of fish.

CBM Team #2 – Brian Vogelsang, Terry Hall, Bret Love and Dave Sprow led the way and brought in 8 fish on Sunday that weighed over 18 pounds.  They had some real studs in the bag and also had big fish for day two.


 Weigh in was exciting to watch to see this team move into the lead and win first place for two days and win 4 places to fish for Ohio in the next Federation tournament which will be held in Minnesota in a couple of months.


Al Evans presents the team with plaques and $2500 as first place prize which will help with preparing for their next trip.

Great couple days with a good group of guys who got the job done on Sunday!  Good Luck to Brian, Bret, Dave and Terry at State Tournament.

Brians team

Bret, Terry, Dave and Brian show off there fish on first day weigh in.

Rods team

Will, Rod, Rob and Chad show of there catch on day one.

Scotts Team

Jeff, Rennie and Scott show off there catch after day one.  Thanks to Jeff!

cbm club

CBM Club brings back First place prize and will send 4 man team to state.  Way to Go!!