2013 CBM Results

2013 Big Fish Results

Big Bass
Lake Date Big Bass Name
Buckeye Lake 07-Apr-13 1.44 Campbell, Dan
Alum Creek Lake 06-May-13 3.33 Guegold, Karl
Indian Lake 02-Jun-13 1.97 Ross, Mike
Delaware Lake 23-Jun-13 2.47 Campbell, Dan
Lake Erie 06-Jul-13 4.44 Russell, Rod
Lake Erie 07-Jul-13 5.96 Russell, Rod
O’Shay 27-Jul-13 2.53 Wade, Roy
Griggs 28-Jul-13 3.55 Campbell, Dan
Rocky Fork 11-Aug-13 2.15 Sprow, Dave
Clear Fork 08-Sep-13 4.56 Presley, Will

2013 Results 1st through 4th Place

Lake Date 1 2 3 4
Buckeye Lake 07-Apr-13 Hall, Terry Campbell, Dan Doughty, Rob #N/A
Alum Creek Lake 06-May-13 Guegold, Karl Campbell, Dan Presley, Will Ross, Mike
Indian Lake 02-Jun-13 Russell, Rod Ross, Mike Doughty, Rob Wade, Roy
Delaware Lake 23-Jun-13 Campbell, Dan Pharris, Bob Russell, Rod Sprow, Dave
Lake Erie 06-Jul-13 Russell, Rod Holland, Rennie Vogelsang, Brian Hall, Terry
Lake Erie 07-Jul-13 Russell, Rod Doughty, Rob Holland, Rennie Presley, Will
O’Shay 27-Jul-13 Russell, Rod Stemen, Chad Doughty, Rob Vogelsang, Brian
Griggs 28-Jul-13 Ross, Mike Russell, Rod Hall, Terry Doughty, Rob
Rocky Fork 11-Aug-13 Presley, Will Stemen, Chad Campbell, Dan Sprow, Dave
Clear Fork 08-Sep-13 Campbell, Dan Presley, Will Hall, Terry Russell, Rod

2013 Final Standings

Grand Total Place
Russell, Rod 678 1
Doughty, Rob 558 2
Campbell, Dan 545 3
Hall, Terry 482 4
Stemen, Chad 458 5
Presley, Will 438 6
Vogelsang, Brian 401 7
Wade, Roy 343 8
Sprow, Dave 316 9
Ross, Mike 298 10
Nixon, Ted 269 11
Eley, Damon 258 12
Holland, Rennie 256 13
Pharris, Bob 191 14
Guegold, Karl 172 15
Gordon, Scott 58 16


2013 Bass Champ


Congratulations goes to Rod Russell for taking home the 2013 Championship for Columbus Bassmasters.  Overall Rod had 3 first place finishes and he also carried the year with over all big bass caught at Lake Erie at 5.96 pounds.

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